PTO Playground Project!

Our New Playground is Coming! 

First of all, thank you to everyone who participates in our fundraising  efforts.  Because of our generous friends and families we are finally able to fund the beginning phase of a new playground for our students!  I think we can all agree it has been a long time coming.    With that being said, we will be using all of our fundraising money going forward toward finalizing  this project.    Father Lease has agreed to give up 4 parking spaces.   We will be expanding the footprint of the playground itself and also relocating the basketball hoops so they are not in the middle of the parking lot.    In addition to the actual play structure, we would like to include an “outdoor learning center” which will include 5 picnic tables.   All of the existing playground equipment will be removed and disposed of.

We are estimating this project to cost about $100, 000.

Play Structure:

Cost of equipment $65,021

Estimated freight $5,935

Excavation $9,250

Professional Assembly and Installation of equipment $26,250

Playground Mulch (including but not limited to PA state standard  installation and disposal fees) $6,550

Border (to keep mulch inside the play area) $3,500

Outdoor Learning Center:

5 8×5 composite vinyl Plastisol coated picnic tables, $10,500

Learning Center Area Mulch (including but not limited to PA state standard  installation and disposal fees)  $4,250


December 2022- PTO will pay for deposit of equipment $25,000

March 2023- Removal of old equipment and excavation begins

April 2023- Equipment delivered and installed

Our playground committee is open to any concerns and/or suggestions regarding the above mentioned items.  We are also looking for volunteers  to help alleviate some of the above costs.    Please note that some of these prices are based on our initial quote.   Other than the equipment, all other quotes are subject to change.   If there is any way you can help make this long overdue project a reality, please reach out to us at


To make a tax deductible donation to our playground, please see the sponsorship letter and forms below:

Sponsorship letter

Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Levels:

$250-$500- Podstep Climber

$501-$1000- Tangle Climber

$1001-$5000-Trigon Climber

$5001-$10,000- Wild Web Climber

$10,001 and above- Power Peak

Please click on the thumbnail pictures below to make larger.