In order to successfully compete in a global society and live as a responsible citizen and member of the Catholic Church, a graduate of Saint Catherine Labouré School will model:


  • Faithfulness to Mass, prayer and the sacraments
  • A continued response to the Baptismal call of discipleship
  • A willingness and generosity to discern their future vocations


  • A well-formed conscience so they may live their faith and have the courage to make good moral choices
  • An unconditional respect for life beginning with self and extending to life at all stages from conception to natural death


  • A solid foundation of basic skills
  • Consistent and strong efforts to reach their God-given potential
  • An active, ongoing engagement in the problem solving process
  • A commitment to life-long learning


  • The grace of Baptism by making a conscious effort to practice virtues of humility, empathy, sensitivity and compassion
  • A healthy, balanced sense of self-esteem
  • The ability to adapt to life’s challenges with resilience and flexibility


  • Respect for the dignity of the human person by advocating tolerance and acceptance
  • An enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities
  • Aid in the development of community through service and outreach