School Administration 2018-2019                            

Mrs. Patricia A. Byrnes, Interim Principal:


Advancement and Development

Mrs. Kelly Rogers: 

Mrs. Erin Henderson:


School Office

Mrs. Susan Slaybaugh:

Mrs. Ellen McDevitt:

Mrs. Jelena Kerns:



Mrs. Katie Cole-White, 4-year old teacher:

Ms. Lindsey Jacob, 4-year old aide:

Ms. Susan Spoljaric, 3-year old teacher:

Mrs. Andrea Flannery, 3-year old aide:


SCLS Faculty

Grade 8

8C: Mrs. Teri Martinelli:

8L: Mrs. Angela Standish:


Grade 7

7C: Sister Annelyth Pandi:

7L: Mr. Robert Kennedy:


Grade 6

6C: Mrs. Lori Breski:

6L: Mrs. Stephanie Bader:


Grade 5

5C: Mrs. Yvonne Jackson:

5L: Mr. Stan Bielawa:


Grade 4

4C: Mrs. Cheryl Bonifacino:

4L: Ms. Christina Castellano:


Grade 3

3C: Sister M. Kathryn Teresa Clemmer, IHM:

Sister Kathryn’s teacher webpage: Sister Kathryn’s Teacher Page

3L: Mrs. Melissa Connahey:


Grade 2

2C: Mrs. Jill Demmel:

Mrs. Demmel’s teacher webpage: Mrs. Demmel’s Teacher Page

2L: Mrs. Diana Rebarchak:


Grade 1

1C: Mrs. Vicki Sporik: 

Mrs. Sporik’s teacher webpage: Mrs. Sporik’s Teacher Page

1L: Ms. Samantha Slonac:



KC: Mrs. Stacy Buchmoyer:

Mrs. Buchmoyer’s teacher page: Mrs. Buchmoyer’s Teacher Page

KL: Ms. Sondra Kenny:


Special Area Teachers

Art: Ms. Susan Spoljaric:

Band: Mr. Michael Feher:

Music: Mrs. Shannon Root:

Library: Mrs. Kathy James:

Physical Education: Mrs. Adena Scott:

Spanish: Mrs. Yvonne Jackson:

Technology: Mrs. Kathy James:


Adaptive Success

Director of Instructional Support Services: Mrs. Aimee Surgeoner:

Grades 1 – 5: Mrs. Yvonne Jackson:

Grades 5 – 8: Mrs. Stephanie Grossnickle:

Remedial Reading and Math: Mrs. Monica Edwards:

Speech and Language: Mrs. Emily Sidelinger:

Counselor: Mr. Dustin Hutcheson:



Food Services Director: Mrs. Tracie Beshara:



Mrs. Beverly Ziebell, Mrs. Denise Perloski, Mrs. Becky Holey (Central Dauphin School District Nurse):