Each day, we strive at Saint Catherine Labouré School to strengthen and deepen our Catholic Identity. Our “Virtue of the Month” Program invites our students to grow in specific virtues. Individual students are recognized for their extraordinary efforts to live that virtue by being named a “Disciple of the Month” at our First Friday School Mass.

The Virtues of the Month are:

September – Hope– trusting in God’s loving plan

October – Studiousness– seeking knowledge to grow closer to Truth

November – Humility– accepting your limitations and God-given talents

December – Patience– waiting or enduring without complaint

January – Fidelity– being faithful to promises and commitments

February – Cheerfulness– looking on the bright side

March – Temperance– enjoying things in a proper, balanced way

April – Obedience– saying “yes” to the loving will of God and those He has set over us

May – Diligence– doing your best and working hard until you’re finished