Dear St. Catherine Laboure Families,
The month of February was full of beauty and love. It was an absolute delight to
experience my first SCLS gala. The atmosphere was filled with joy and
excitement. The families and 8th grade students were dressed in elegant classy
fashion. We were blessed to have such a great committee to prepare and host
the event as well as to have an amazing turnout to support the gala. Soon after,
we were able to enjoy the talents of our band students as they played amazingly
at the band concert. And of course, who could forget Valentine’s day where the
students had an opportunity to purchase Valentine grams and classes had
special activities planned. While the month of February had the virtue of Purity of
Heart, we recognized our January Disciples of the month for Simplicity. We truly
do have a school body filled with students who demonstrate the many virtues that
we recognize as well as many that we do not.
We are now in the Lenten season to which we will be having our stations of the
cross every Friday at 2:00. We welcome families to join us if they are available.
Our Living Stations of the Cross is scheduled for Friday April 3rd. The month of
March will also be host to our Diocesan Spelling Bee on March 4th and the
Diocesan Geography Bee on March 11th. Last but not least, March is the Month
that we hold our annual CogAT and ITBS testing. It is a busy month but will be
once again another great month at SCLS as teachers and students continue to
work with the SCLS mission in mind.
Mrs. Jodi Reagan