Dear St. Catherine Laboure Families,
This past month of January started off slow and quiet but ended with a great
celebration of our Catholic Schools Week and Mini-Thon. The week was filled
with events such as the Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, spirit days, grandparents
social, grade buddies lunch/recess, and other activities throughout the week.
Thank you to everyone for your support and donations for such a special time of
the year. This past month we also celebrated our December Disciples of the
month which was for the virtue of prayer. The February virtue that the students
are focusing on is Simplicity.
The month of February will kick off with the Annual Gala. We look forward to
seeing everyone for such a beautiful and meaningful event. February is also the
month of our 2nd graders First Penance. They have been working hard to
prepare for this great sacrament. Lastly, this year February is the host to Ash
Wednesday to start our Lenten season.
Throughout these months, several of the classes have already had or are
planning fun and exciting field trips. The 4th grade went to the Farm Show while
the 5th grade is planning to go to the National History center. Other exciting
activities happening in the classrooms includes middle school Science
experiments. I watched experiments from the weather’s impact on the
inflation/deflation of a football to how different ingredients impacted the taste of
food. The students are full of creativity, knowledge, and fun. Throughout the
hallways there are great exhibits posted of art works, land forms, dioramas to
display student works going on in the classrooms. The work, events, and
activities will continue as we progress through the months.
Thank you as always for your dedication and support to the St. Catherine
Laboure School community. Have a blessed month of February.
Mrs. Jodi Reagan