Dear SCLS families,
The month of April has passed us by so fast and was a rather quiet month for us
in the school building. It is hard to believe we are entering into the last full month
of the school year. The strength and resilience that our students, faculty, and
families have shown this year is commendable. I think back to the opening of
school when the buzz we were hearing was that schools would be shut back
down within 2 weeks of opening. Well, here we are, 9 months later, and we are
still open and working hard. That has been possible through the efforts of our
entire St. Catherine Laboure community.
This last month will be filled with several activities and events to finish out the
year strong. Throughout the first several weeks, our 2nd graders will take part in
the sacrament of First Holy Communion and our 8th graders will take part in the
sacrament of Confirmation. As we move through the month, our PTO has
prepared an ice cream event for the students during the school day and our
advancement program has coordinated the annual Royal Run. We will then
finish the month with our PreK and Kindergarten end of the year celebrations and
our 8th grade graduation. We are so blessed, at this time, to be planning all of
these events as in person activities. May is another month that will go by very
fast with all these events planned. We look forward to these events and bringing
the end of this school year to a close with joyful and celebratory activities. As
always, thank you all for your support and efforts throughout this school year.
You help make SCLS possible.
“Commit to the lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” – Proverbs
Mrs. Jodi Reagan