The numbers are in!!  The “Enchantment Under the Sea” gala raised close to $51,000 this year for our beautiful school and our precious children. A HUGE and heartfelt “thank you” goes out to everyone who stuck with us through the months of tedious planning and the ultimate joyous and glittering celebration; to our incomparable chairs Jill Bentz, Wendy Grella, and Jenny Sustak, who pulled off a masterful feat of coordination and cooperation; to our supremely talented decorating chairs, Colleen Formica and Keara Weltmer; to our charismatic auctioneers Chad Saylor and Dan Tomaso; to our generous advertisers, table sponsors, eighth-graders and auction donors; and to everyone who set-up/tore down/rang out purchases, etc….. and helped in any way.  You are too numerous to mention, but too important to forget.


How can we ever express our appreciation for your loyalty, love and support over the years? The McNaughton Family, especially, extends an abiding thank you to every single supporter –for remembering and honoring their late son through your smiles, your prayers, your inspiring friendships, your exceedingly valuable donations that just keep coming –and that take our breath away; and your incredible support of the school Christian loved to leap out of the minivan into every day. Seeing everyone having a marvelous, memorable time with the people they love the most makes the gala the finest of tributes, and the most meaningful of legacies.  Thank you and God bless you for your boundless generosity, your never-wavering Christian kindness, and your perfect example of “true” love. 


Where Do Gala Dollars Go?

2018 “Fire and Ice” Gala Chairs: Jenn McNaughton, Keara Weltmer & Colleen Formica

Decorating Chairs: Alicyn Mitchell & Erica Lewis

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