GRADES K-6 students use a catechetical program in which the basics of the Catholic faith are presented at every grade level in an age-appropriate manner.  

Beginning in September of 2024, Grades 1-6 will start to use the “Alive in Christ: Discovering and Sharing the Kerygma” Parish Edition  published by Our Sunday Visitor

Alive in Christ focuses on the Kerygma, the basic message of Christ. According to Pope Benedict XVI, it can be summed up as “God loves you; Christ is your Savior; he is alive” (Christus Vivit, 30)

The Textbook Program employs a three-step Catechesis process of Invite, Discover, and Live the Faith by encouraging and preparing:

  •  The skills needed for listening and responding to Christ through Scripture and the teachings of the Church
  • Continued learning of key Catholic Teachings each grade year
  • A faith lived in missionary discipleship
  • Scripture knowledge to promote biblical literacy, familiarity and appreciation of God’s word
  • Hands-on information for parents, which encourages and assists the parents as the primary educators of the faith
  • Online resources for both students and families
  • Multi-sensory activities for different learning styles

GRADES 7-8 use the Diocesan-wide Confirmation Curriculum with materials from  Chosen: Your Journey to Confirmation” Program for sacramental preparation, published by Ascension Presents

SPECIAL EDUCATION Sessions are held for students when requested. Parents meet with the DRE and special education catechist to discuss how to adapt the curriculum to the needs of their child. While every consideration will be given to the special needs of the child, we cannot fully implement IEP requirements.