If you are hospitalized we welcome the opportunity to visit and pray with you. Saint Catherine Labouré Parish asks you or a family member to please notify us at parish office directly, 717-564-1321, with the hospital name and room number so that we may visit you and keep you in prayer.  This is necessary since HIPAA regulations prevent hospitals from notifying churches when a member has been admitted.  Holy Communion is distributed by each hospital’s Pastoral Care Staff.


Communion to the Sick

When illness (even temporary) or advanced age restrict you from attending Mass you may wish to receive distribution of hostHoly Communion at home on a weekly basis.  Saint Catherine Labouré Parish has a wonderful group of Extraordinary Ministers who carry our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament to our homebound parishioners each Sunday.  Contact the parish office if you are in need of this service.


Our priests are always available to celebrate the Sacrament of the Sick with those who are ill, of anointingadvanced age or preparing for surgery.  Please contact the Parish Office.

Each October near the feast of St. Luke, believed to have been a physician, a special Mass with Anointing of the Sick is celebrated for any of our homebound and others in need of the Sacrament who are able to attend.  For the convenience of the caregivers Mass is scheduled on a Saturday morning and followed by a light luncheon.



When a parishioner enters a nursing home she/he or a family member should notify the Parish Office to make us aware so we can keep the resident in prayer.  This is necessary since HIPAA regulations prevent institutions from notifying churches when a member is admitted.

Saint Catherine Labouré regularly ministers to all the Catholic residents in the five  nursing homes within our parish boundaries:

  • Spring Creek
  • Ecumenical Community Building 1
  • Ecumenical Building 2
  • Ecumenical Building 3
  • Greenfield Living Center

Each of these facilities has a monthly Mass and/or a weekly Communion Service.