Those who are chosen to be Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion must be at least in their senior year of high school, known for a good Catholic manner of living and for service to the parish and the community. Ordinarily, they should be persons who have resided in their parish of registration for some time and, therefore, are known to the pastor and people of the parish. The mandate of the Bishop continues in force for three years or until decided otherwise by the pastor, or the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion; or if the person leaves the parish or institution, that then ends the mandate. – Diocese of Harrisburg, Office of Worshipdistribution of hostProcedure for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Extraordinary ministers are invited by the Pastor to assist at Mass by distributing Holy Communion to the faithful.

  • Obtain a Mandate Application from the Diocese.
  • Turn the filled out application into the office for the Pastor’s signature with a $12.00 check for the registration fee.
  • Attend one of the Diocesan Training sessions. (All Extraordinary Ministers must attend whether they are going to serve at Mass or as Homebound Ministers).
  • After your session, the completed Mandate will be returned to the parish by the diocese.  You will receive notification that you can pick up your Mandate from the Parish Office and will be added to the regular liturgical ministry schedule.

The Mandate will be effective for a term of three years, after which the minister must renew their Mandate and attend a continuing formation session.

Mandate Renewal Application