February 2021

In these challenging and unpredictable times, we wanted to take a moment to share some uplifting comments from our parents and guardians.  These were sent to our principal Mrs. Reagan in reference to our school closure and online learning this past week.

“SCLS is not just a good school, it is an exceptional school. When we send our son to SCLS, we feel like he is among family.  Our son is provided with the best education, so many resources to learn, and the safest environment at SCLS.  During the most difficult time in education during the COVID-19 pandemic, SCLS has gone above and beyond to provide a safe learning environment for our child. We are beyond grateful for every measure they have taken to alleviate our fears and provide normalcy for our son.” 


“Being a part of the SCLS family is a true blessing.  My children can’t wait to go to school every day and be with their friends and teachers.  We find such comfort knowing that our kids are getting a faith based education, from the most dedicated and loving teachers. Choosing SCLS for our kids’ education, has been the best decision we made. SCLS proud!”


“We enrolled and our girls in the 2020/2021 school year. We opted to start them in the virtual classes due to our concerns during this awful pandemic. Immediately we could see the impact that Mrs. Connahey (Pre-K teacher) and Mrs. Cantos (2nd Grade teacher) had on our girls. Once they physically re-entered the classroom we felt like their love for learning increased tremendously. Within a month we saw improvement in our 2nd grader’s reading skills and our Pre-K’s ability to count and recognize letters to name a few accomplishments. We are very pleased with our choice to send our girls to Saint Catherine Laboure School.”

“We are so pleased with our decision to send our three children to St. Catherine Laboure. The clergy, administration and teachers are unbelievably talented, dedicated and caring. They foster an environment in which our children thrive and provide a quality education that is second to none.  It is even more important to us that our children learn and grow in our Catholic faith and SCLS does a wonderful job reinforcing what we try to teach our children at home–to be disciples of Christ and to live our faith in everything we do.   We love being part of the SCLS family!”