As we continue to seek the Paths to Hope and Healing, it is important for us to keep on praying together and talking with each other.  Below are resources from our parish and the Diocese related to the clergy sexual abuse of children and our way forward on the paths to hope and healing.

Because of the nature of the discussion, this opportunity is for the adults of the parish.

Prayer on the Paths to Healing and Hope 

Resources from the Parish

Father Neil Sullivan Homily 08.04.18
Sullivan Script 08.05.2018
Sullivan Script 08.12.2018
Sullivan Script 08.19.2018
Father Neil Sullivan Homily 08.19.18
Letter from Father Sullivan 10.26.18
Prayers for Healing and Hope Music Booklet

Letters from the Diocese

Statement from Bishop Gainer on Child Sexual Abuse 08.01.2018
Letter to Parishioners from Bishop Gainer 08.04.2018
Letter from Diocese 08.19.2018
Letter from Bishop Gainer 10.26.2018