We are following the guidelines established by the Diocese of Harrisburg for churches opening in “yellow” counties.  Further information may be found at the Diocese of Harrisburg website.

  • Our maintenance staff will clean and disinfect all public spaces and surfaces prior to each worship service. Please do not use your own sanitizing wipes as it may damage our pews.
  • We ask your cooperation in exiting the building at the end of services so that we may ensure cleaning is completed prior to the next service.
  • Our Shrine Church HVAC system is equipped with a fresh air optimizer, which monitors for fresh air to circulate as well as removing any stale air.  In other words, the doors and windows—inside the church—will not need to be propped open for proper fresh air flow.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensing units will be available at doorways.
  • Collection baskets will be placed at church doorways.  Please place your offertory envelope upon exiting Mass.
  • When attending Mass or confessions, a face covering/mask  must be worn at all times.  Face coverings/masks may only be removed when receiving Holy  Communion.

 PLEASE NOTE: The Shrine Church will not be open outside of the published times for Mass, Novena and Penance.  Additionally, the Adoration Chapel will remain closed until further notice.

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