Since 1976, very little major work
has been done to our Shrine Church so after 40 years, some refurbishment and updating are necessary.  Through a three year process of prayer, study, consultation and a parish-wide survey, the following priorities were identified:


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June 3/4Final Masses in Shrine Church
June 4Blessing of Construction during 11:30 a.m. Mass
Spirit Move Day (details soon)

June 5Major Construction Begins
June 5-7Murray Hall transformed into Worship Space
June 10/11Mass in Summer Worship Space, Murray Hall
August 20Dinner on Derry with Shrine Church Open House
August 21Mass Returns to Shrine Church
September 16Refurbishment and Shrine Blessing by Bishop Gainer

Honoring the Vision

Amount Pledged
#FF0000 Raised $2,081,346 towards the $2,000,000 target.

As of June 20th, we have pledges from 830 families for $2,081,346 of which $1,384,407 has been collected.

Amount Collected
#008000 Raised $1,384,407 towards the $2,000,000 target.

If you haven’t made your gift or pledge yet, click here for more information on the Honoring the Vision Capital Campaign, or click below to donate online.